The PeekScores of the Top Fashion Houses’ Creative Directors

What is PeekScore?: PeekScore is a rank from 1 to 10, assigned to every person. The higher someone’s score, the “more important” they are on the web. In calculating your PeekScore and updating it often, PeekYou takes into account your known presence and activity on the Internet, including but not limited to; your blogging, participation in social networks, the number of your friends, followers, or readers, the amount of web content you create, and your prominence in the news.

With the holiday season well and fully under way, and consumer spending apparently up this year, we’ve decided to create a PeekScore list which is at least marginally tied in with these simultaneous and related joyous events. In addition to wanting to celebrate all things retail, we’ve always had fun here doing lists about the fashion industry. Today we’ve decided to put the Creative Directors of some of the top fashion labels under our PeekScore microscope, and see who among them currently is making the largest digital footprint.

It is not a list full of surprises. Those who are the Creative Directors of labels with which they also share a name, and those who are more veteran and established, top the list. In addition to the greater amount of written coverage they receive, both in and out of the fashion press and blogs, this “household name” set also seem to be the more net savvy and socially networked of this lot. The list’s lower reaches are populated by folks who are more rookie, or who perhaps choose to do their work in more anonymity.

Still, judging by these PeekScores, all here are present and spoken of on the web. Given the enormous number of fashion sites and blogs found throughout cyberspace, and given the notoriety of each of the companies represented below, this is as it should be.

So, as always… Who would you like to have seen included? Which designers and/or creative directors are exciting you these days? Any surprises below? Let us know in the comments.

Rank Picture Name Creative Director of PeekScore

Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs 10.00 / 10.00

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney 9.96 / 10.00

John Varvatos John Varvatos 9.14 / 10.00

Donatella Versace Versace 8.92 / 10.00

Riccardo Tisci Givenchy 8.61 / 10.00

Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen 8.39 / 10.00

Stefano Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana 8.35 / 10.00

Domenico Dolce Dolce & Gabbana 8.30 / 10.00

Frida Giannini Gucci 8.29 / 10.00

Kris Van Assche Christian Dior 8.23 / 10.00

Miuccia Prada Prada 8.08 / 10.00

Peter Dundas Emilo Pucci 7.73 / 10.00

Yvan Mispelaere Diane von Furstenberg 7.15 / 10.00

Michael Colovos Helmut Lang 7.10 / 10.00

Nicole Colovos Helmut Lang 7.04 / 10.00

Emanuele del Fabbro Giorgio Armani 7.04 / 10.00

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