The Internet’s 10 Biggest Chefs

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Over the past decade, or so, the ever-rising popularity of endeavors such as cable television’s Food Network and the Internet’s have birthed a vibrant sub-culture of amateur bon vivants. These self-proclaimed “foodies” often have their cameras at the ready for every meal, and are quick to tweet and blog of every freshly visited eatery, and each new gastronomic adventure, as though they’re somehow remarkable or unusual for enjoying things that taste good.

These hardcore enthusiasts, and their even more passive cousins — the armchair gourmands content to sit in their living rooms, absentmindedly gazing upon flickering images of presumably good food being prepared in a way that they’re told is well — have contributed to the creation of a celebrity-class of chef. Subsequently, some of the resulting household-name chefs have online profiles comparable in size to those of sports and pop stars. Below are the 10 chefs who are currently the biggest deals — in terms of impact, influence, activity, and prominence — on the Internet.

Rank Picture Name Bio PeekScore

Bobby Flay Owner of Mesa Grill, and Food Network star. 9.24 / 10.00

Anthony Bourdain Author of best-selling tell-all Kitchen Confidential, and host of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. 9.13 / 10.00

Jamie Oliver Star of the Naked Chef, and well-known health activist. 9.12 / 10.00

Guy Fieri Host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and all-around media personality. 9.03 / 10.00

Mario Batali Owner of numerous restaurants and all-around media personality. 8.94 / 10.00

Paula Deen Host of Paula’s Home Cooking. 8.77 / 10.00

Emeril Lagasse Host of Emeril Live, and all-around media personality. 8.74 / 10.00

Gordon Ramsay Host of TV’s Kitchen Confidential. 8.65 / 10.00

Wolfgang Puck Opened Spago in 1982. One of the world’s most famous chefs. 8.21 / 10.00

Giada De Laurentiis Host of Food Network’s Everyday Italian and Giada at Home. 8.06 / 10.00

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