The (Superhero) Comic Book Artists With the Largest PeekScores

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Costumed superhumans, masked avengers, mad geniuses, demigods, and the like, are big business in Hollywood these days. But, the fact remains, while folks far and wide do seem to to dig comic book heroes, in the modern world it’s a more – shall we say – select crowd who still digs going to the source for their escapist spills and thrills. With the enormously well-attended New York Comic Con coming very soon to PeekYou’s hometown, this seemed an especially great time for such a list.

Here we have 11 of the most widely respected and beloved living (mainstream, superhero) comic book artists. As comic book fans can be a feisty bunch we must stress that the order is based upon the artists’ PeekScores – meaning the degree and depth of their various impacts and presences in cyberspace – and not upon their respective, relative qualities or talents as artists.

Rank Picture Name Books PeekScore

Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, 300 8.82 / 10.00

Jim Lee All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, X-Men 8.51 / 10.00

Alex Ross Marvels, Kingdom Come 8.49 / 10.00

John Byrne Fantastic Four, X-Men 8.36 / 10.00

Mike Mignola Hellboy 8.24 / 10.00

John Romita Jr. Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Kick-Ass 8.20 / 10.00

George Perez Avengers, Teen Titans 8.20 / 10.00

Neal Adams Superman, Batman, Green Arrow 8.14 / 10.00

J.H. Williams III Chase, Desolation Jones, Batwoman 8.13 / 10.00

Steve Ditko Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Mr. A 8.12 / 10.00

Frank Quitely New X-Men, We3, All-Star Superman 7.59 / 10.00